A New Wayans Bros Movie May Be In the Works

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We could be getting a new Wayans brothers movie in the near future. Actor comedian Shawn Wayans revealed this little nugget live Friday morning on Eye Opener TV.

“Stand-up helps me in the lab creating stuff. So when we’re writing movies—like, we’re in the lab right now writing something—it just keeps me sharp so I know what we’re writing is funny,” Shawn said during an interview with hosts Oliver Tull and Hilary Kennedy.

A new Wayans brothers movie would definitely be good news, because we haven’t seen once since 2009’s Dance Flick. But it could spell bad news for those like Shawn’s standup.

“When I’m doing a movie I can’t really do [stand-up] the same way, but once we wrap I always go back,” he said.

The youngest of the Wayans brothers has a lot of writing under his belt. He helped write The Wayans Brothers TV series as well as movies like the Scary Movie franchises, White ChicksLittle Man and the 1996 cult classic Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Driving Your Juice in the Hood.  (Not to mention his roles in Fox’s 90’s sketch comedy show, In Living Color!)

Of all those movies and TV shows, Shawn said he is most proud of 2004’s White Chicks. He also said it was the hardest one to pull off.

“We put our souls into that movie.”

When asked what he likes more—movies or stand-up—Shawn said he loves them both.

“I love the feeling of getting the immediate response [from stand-up] because it’s kind of like a high—and you get it right there,” explained Shawn.

“In movies you’ll do a scene that’s hilarious but no one can laugh or else they’ll mess up the take. So then after the scene– and they say, ‘and cut’– if you get the laugh you know it was funny,” Shawn said. “You don’t know if it’s going to make it in the movie, but you know it was funny in that moment.”

Shawn said he gets his funny bone from his family. He said they all get ideas just by hanging around each other and making themselves laugh. But when asked of all the Wayans, who’s the funniest?

“My mother is the funniest one. We get it from our mama—for real.”

However, Shawn admits that brother Keenen was the comedic pioneer of the family growing up.

“He was the first one in the family who wanted to do stand-up,” Shawn revealed. “He used to study Richard Prior [on TV], and we used to watch him watching Richard Prior.

“He was the oldest in the family, and you look up to your older brother; so he used to show us what to do with all of our crazy energy. “

The interview went off the rails (in a good way) when Hilary asked Shawn if he stays in touch with Tracy Morgan following the movie Little Man in 2006. That’s when Shawn broke out the best impersonation of the former SNL and 30 Rock alum you’ve ever seen. Check it out below.

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