EXCLUSIVE: Actress Luenell Bares All In Penthouse Photo Shoot

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Actress and comedian Luenell will bare it all in the March 21st edition of Penthouse Magazine, and Eye Opener TV has a first look at some of the photos.

Luenell revealed to Eye Opener TV in an exclusive first interview about the photo shoot that she’s received nothing but positive feedback from the friends and family to whom she’s showed the scantily clad pictures.

It was all done to promote body positivity.

“I did it to empower women to find their own inner centerfold,” she told Eye Opener TV from (where else?) her bed in Los Angeles. “No matter what your age is, no matter what your race is, no matter what your weight is, you are a centerfold to somebody—even if it’s only yourself.”

“We’re in such a body shaming society with these little heifers now. Everybody acts like if you’re not between 17 and 24 years old you’re some castaway. Darling, far from it!” the newly minted centerfold told us exclusively.

Luenell’s relationship with Penthouse began last year when she was invited to direct a photo shoot for the magazine in a celebrity series called “pop shots.”
You can see more about that photo shoot by clicking here. (NOTE: this link will send you to Penthouse’s Youtube page, which may be NSFW.) 

“The pictures came out amazing,” Luenell said of the project.

“So out of the side of my neck I said, ‘Well you guys ought to shoot me!’”

She said she expected a laugh from the magazine’s editors. But they didn’t.

Instead, they said, “Hmm… That could be something!”

Luenell knew what she was doing could be groundbreaking, as she would be the first African American plus sized model over the age of 50 to pose for the iconic magazine.

Before she knew it, they had arranged for a 13-hour photo shoot.

“And the result is the April Fools edition of Penthouse Magazine!” she said.

Luenell is leading a busy life. Besides her new relationship with Penthouse, she still tours the country with her stand-up show. She’s also gearing up for her recurring role on TV Land’s “Lopez,” which premieres its new season on March 29.

Here's a closer look at some of those pictures that will be released next week, edited for TV of course!

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