July Is the Best Month To Start Eating Lobster

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If you're craving lobster mac and cheese, hold off for a month for an even better flavor.

It's a little known secret among those who love lobster that mid-July through October are the best months to eat this luxurious shellfish. That's because a lot of these lobsters have recently gotten new shells.

Lobsters shed their shells just like snakes shed their skin. And it's during this time that experts say you should eat them.

"New shell lobsters," as they're called, have the sweetest and most tender meat. This is because as the lobsters start growing into their new shells, the excess space is filled with salt water. The result is an amazingly sweet brininess straight from the ocean!

Just because you're in "new shell" season, doesn't guarantee you'll always get a new shell lobster.  You might have to ask for it specifically.  (Plus, it will impress your friends at dinner!)

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